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About Us


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Compupatch Services Inc was founded on the premise of providing the proper tools to individuals and businesses to help them achieve their goals through cost-effective and worry-free technology solutions. Our success and the ability to keep our business thriving is conjoint with the success of our clients. For this reason, Compupatch Services Inc will always offer the highest level of customer service and do not give up until each client is completely satisfied.

Commercial IT Infrastructure

Creating a comprehensive, secure and efficient IT infrastructure for your business.

Home IT Support

Keep your home and family safe from online threats.

Mission Statement

Compupatch Services Inc has always believed in transparency and hard work. Since the firm opened in 2007, we have strived in providing the best service available within the technology world. In 2019 we decided to take everything we have learned over the last 12 years and redesign the firm to better cater to our clients. Keeping our original principles of transparency and hard work we are redesigning everything and adding simplicity to our formula. We listened to our clients and designed a comprehensive plan for current and new clients to navigate through our site and our services. By stripping back the complexity of today's technology industry and removing some of the worries of hourly charges we came up with a simple monthly payment plan that clearly shows what the service is and how much you can expect to pay on a monthly basis without surprises nor contracts. This new structure will allow us a firm to concentrate more on innovation for your business and less on billing. We do not promise this to be our last redesign, but our aim is to constantly innovate and change for the better all while bringing you along for the ride.

About our CEO
and SISO

Luis Arturo Guirado Jr. comes from a family of business owners. His dad has owned several business ventures, varying in different industries. His sister has her own successful law firm in Boston, MA. Luis has been surrounded by entrepreneurs and the business world since the young age of 9 years old. With this exposure into the business mindset, he was given the opportunity to see his parents and siblings deal with businesses’ good and bad side. This point of view allowed him to gain a wealth of knowledge for how to treat customers and employees along with how to conduct business in a well-balanced manner. Through good management, employee guidance, and most importantly customer service, Luis Guirado Jr was able to create and grow Compupatch Services Inc. He was able to obtain his bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering with a minor in Business Marketing from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts in 2009. After graduating, he had a vision of using his knowledge of computers and business to create an IT company that caters to the needs of their customers first and the bottom line later. Compupatch Services Inc was created to help each client fulfill their respective mission statements.


Companies and Products
We Use

Compupatch Services Inc believes that a company is only as strong as the tools it uses and the skillsets of those individuals who use them. That is why we only use tried and proven brands to bring the strongest and most consistent service possible. By working with the best brands, we increase the possibility that our clients can provide the best products and services to their clients.